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How it works

We help you discover the potential of your property.

Property Check

We begin by assessing the possibilities of your property. We check local council regulations to determine if you can build a granny flat in your backyard.

What can i build? Making the most out of your site

We analyse your property to identify the most efficient building design, optimised for maximum returns. We then provide you with a detailed estimate of the income you could generate from renting out your new space.

How do i fund it & build it? Hassle-Free Setup

Say goodbye to the headaches of securing funds and finding a builder. We take care of both, simplifying the process for you.

Start earning

Now, watch your property investment pay off. Start earning income even while you sleep. Our streamlined process ensures you receive regular payments, hassle-free.

Find out the potential of your property

Why choose Blackfort

We help you discover the potential of your property

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Access competitive funding at better rates

How it works
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Australia, like other countries such as Canada and the USA, is facing a housing crisis, both in terms of supply and affordability affecting many Australians including critical community workers such as teachers, police and nurses unable to live in areas where their services are needed.

Based on the analysis from Archistar, Blackfort and CoreLogic, granny flats have the ability to quickly and affordably address some of the current housing crisis. More than 655,000 residential properties suitable for a granny flat have been identified across Australia's three largest capitals.

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What Archistar does

30x faster

Find and assess opportunities faster than traditional methods

25,000 sources

Data loaded from government and leading data partners

Instant tools

Make highly informed decisions with feasibility and design tools.

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Discover Potential

Provide your property's address in our user-friendly tool and receive a detailed report on potential backyard developments.

Bring your vision to life

Get introduced to reputable builders for seamless construction and watch as your backyard evolves into a valuable, income-generating asset.

Realise Financial Gains

Boost your earnings with smart, strategic property development. See the value of your property rise, providing a solid return on investment.

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